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This Takes The Cake... Metallic Wedding Cake Trends
Friday, April 01, 2016

Good morning y'all it's Friday and the first day of Spring Break! Yup, that's right time to break out my wine with my eggs and toast (hahaha, jokes). Anyway, if you know me then you guys know I love cake! One of my favorite tasks as a full service wedding planner is attending the cake tastings! My absolute favorite cake in the world is red velvet, hold the nuts! Oh my gosh, my granny made the most moist and delicious red velvet cakes ever.  Trust me I've tried a few in my day and hers by far were the best.  Red velvet was her specialty. I could probably talk for hours about my love for her red velvet cake, but instead I'll keep it brief.  I want to share with you guys some of the prettiest cakes you'll ever see; I bet they're tasty too!  You know metallic cakes are all the rage right now. Well, just about metallic anything if you ask me!  Not only are these cakes metallic, but they're artistic too! So, if you can appreciate great tasting food and art then you'll love these beauties below.   This Takes The Cake | Metallic Wedding Cake Trends Photo CreditFirst Cake | Second Cake | Third Cake So, what do you think?  Do you like these cakes? What are your favorite cake flavors? Describe to me you ideal wedding cake!  Leave us a comment below.  I want to hear from you!  Also, join the conversation ...