Goal Setting
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Sunday, November 20, 2016
By J Luxe Designs, LLC
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Sundays are the best days for so many reasons! It's the start of a new week and a fresh chance to get things right! Take the opportunity today to layout a hard concrete plan of  action to take control and have a successful week!



Goal Setting | Streamline With J Luxe Designs  

So at the beginning of each month we set forth monthly goals and every week on Sundays we set forth weekly goals to help us conquer the goals we set at the beginning of each month. We've noticed a significant difference in our business flow and day-to day progression by doing so.



3 Steps To Setting Goals


1.  Write Down Your Goals:  Writing down your goals and keeping track of them will better help you visualize them and make them more obtainable.  When creating monthly goals or weekly goals my personal opinion is to set a realistic number.  For the month I might create a list of 7 doable goals and weekly set 2 "mini" goals to help me reach one of the 7.  This is in addition to all the other tasks that you have take care of within your business.  So, when I say goal setting I mean something that is going to make a noticeable difference in the way you can effectively run your business to make it better!


2.  Strategize:  In addition to writing down your goals there needs to be a real plan of how you're going to accomplish them.  Think about the steps you're going to take to get you closer to reaching your goals.  Everything you do should have some thought process behind it.  You can't be out here doing things all willy-nilly with no real plan!  If so, then nothing makes sense and nothing will get done!


3.  Put Your Plan Into Action:  Be a doer more than a dreamer or talker! Steps 1 & 2 have no real point or validity if you're not going to put in the work.  Creating, strategizing, and smashing goals take hard work, long hours, commitment and dedication.  If you're going to fall short of those things then you really have set yourself up for failure before you've begun.


I hope by sharing this you see the value in setting monthly and weekly goals! So, what are some of you monthly goals or weekly goals? Comment below. Let's continue the conversation on Facebook and Instagram!


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