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Friday, November 02, 2018
By J Luxe Designs, LLC
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Friday Introductions....

Hello guys, I'm Rachelle the principal planner and designer of J Luxe Designs! Welcome to all of my new followers and a big wassup to all of my current followers and loyal supporters. Thank you guys for rocking with me. Your support means everything! 
It's Friday and I hear that there's this thing called "Friday Introductions." I've never done one and honestly I wanted to do one on a random day, but here it is Friday and here I am introducing myself with random facts that have nothing to do with event planning or designing stationery! LOL 
Friday Introductions | Rachelle Jones

1.  I'm a Gemini! Which means I love hard. I'm a no-nonsense kind of person. I don't like repeating myself more than two times and yes guys it's true. There is more than one side to this gemini...teehee...


2. I can crack jokes with the best of them, but I'm a bit sensitive. most cases I can take when I'm the butt of a joke, but you still better watch it. LOL


3.  I am a crazy football momma! Yes, I'm the mom who's running up and down the sidelines of my son's youth football games on Saturday trash talking the referees and their bad calls. I don't care what anyone has told you I've never said anything bad about the opposing team.  Well there was this one time...LOL


4.  I'm a girly girl who enjoys make up and nail polish, but I also enjoy ripped denim, pullovers, and my sneakers.


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